5 Proven Methods to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a problem that is worldwide and widespread. Following the increase in number of elderly people, the number of men suffering from impotence is also on the rise. While statistically elder men top the chart for impotence, males as young as 20 years old can suffer from ED. Fortunately, there are several methods to treat erectile dysfunction, many 100% naturally through food intake exclusively (like the Erectile Dysfunction Protocol) or using mechanical pumps to stimulate blood flow.

Below are some common and effective ways people are using to treat their E.D.

Sex Pills

Cialis sex pills box

Effective pills for the treatment of impotence are Viagra, Cialis (photo above) and Levitra. These three pills act by inhibiting certain enzymes that prevent blood from flowing to the penis. They improve the blood flow to the penis and less blood goes out of the penis. The most famous and popular pill is of course Viagra. Since its introduction in 1998, Viagra became very popular and very quickly. This is due in part to films promoting it, as well as SPAM e-mails that are frequently sent by suppliers of Viagra. For the treatment of impotence, pills have helped millions of men find a healthy sex life again.


Before the arrival of erectile pills, erectile dysfunction was originally treated with injections. Even today, this can be used, for example, when erectile pills do not produce the desired effect. The injection contains the same active substance as pills, which is injected directly into the penis. This method is not suitable for everyone, because a needle in the penis is a scary scenario for almost every man.


For men who do not want to use injections and erectile pills, there are also suppositories containing the same active ingredient as the methods described above. Here, a thin suppository is inserted into the urethra. The advantage of the suppository, compared to pills and injections, is that the suppository may be used during sexual activity and acts very quickly. The other two methods must be applied in advance, which prevents any spontaneous effect.

Penis pumps

A penis pump

Penis pumps are available in any erotic shop and also online. The penis pump is often ridiculed in films but it can be a very effective treatment and is 100% natural. The pump provides a better blood flow to the penis, helping you obtain a harder erection. In order to maintain the erection after the use of a penis pump, a cock ring can be used at the same time. This ensures that the blood less readily escapes from the penis. When it is painful to touch the penis or that it becomes cold, the ring must be removed immediately.

Penile Prosthesis

In modern medicine, penile prosthesis, also called penile implants have been developed to be very effective and painless. There are implants that can be filled using a pump placed in the scrotum. Penile Prosthesis is last resort treatment for men with an erectile dysfunction.


It is very rare and only in the most extreme of cases that penile surgery is required. This is the most drastic and costly method. Surgical success in treating impotence is in the low 5%. Which is to say better not even try it.

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Use Mindfulness Meditation to Reduce Stress

Often called a fashion, mindfulness meditation (MM) is effective against stress, but requires some discipline and technique. In this post, we will explore the various ways you can use to exploit meditation to help reduce the outcome of a busy lifestyle – stress.

For forty years, scientists have been studying the ancient practice of meditation. They have thus proved that it helps people’s stress level and anxiousness, among other benefits it offers. Stress can be found everywhere in our lives. It may be present at work but also at home. Sometimes stress can be the outcome of life events such as illnesses. Faced with what it sees as a threat, our body activates the sympathetic system: muscles tense, heart and breathing accelerate, as well as thoughts go in turmoil. We are ready to flee or fight, the natural reaction of the mind when faced with distress.

Meditation has been proven effective against depression. Depression is a disease that has a high recurrence of one out of two. That is, you have 50% chance of being depressed again in your life. This percentage is even higher if you have had more depressive episodes. It has been shown scientifically that relapses were less frequent in people who meditate daily.

In itself, this response is not bad: a little stress is useful for preparing an exam or face a difficult event. The problem occurs when it becomes consistent and persistent. This can even completely block the proper functioning of a person. This is what happens when people are too worried.

Studies on meditation also shows that in many cases, a regular practice of it can help boost your sex drive (libido) and also help treat erectile dysfunction in men.

There are many types of meditation, but that which was best demonstrated to have therapeutic efficacy is called “mindfulness meditation” or “mindfulness”. Since the 80s, hospitals use it for stress reduction, or, more recently, against depressive relapse. The principle? Easy as pie. It is to be aware of the moment. There is the breathing, the sensations of the body, then awareness of the thoughts that arise. And we do it without judgment, without trying to change anything. People think it is about being relaxed. It is the outcome of MM, but it is not the goal.

Practicing meditation does not remove the pain but helps to better respond to it. It was found that experienced meditators felt the least unpleasant when very hot water was poured on their hands than people not enjoying this experience. Similarly, regions of the brain involved in anxious anticipation (to prepare for something negative) were less active.

Indeed, the practice is not always pleasant. When meditating, it just allows what is there to be there. If anxiety is present, you learn to feel it. During meditation, we do not lead a reflection on the negative emotion to elucidate its origin. But it is important to be aware of this anxiety (which can often lurk deep in our minds). If, however, meditation is effective for you, regularity is paramount. It’s like training for a sport. While meditating, one exercises ones attention and you become more skilled the more you practice. To see a change in alleviating stress, it is better to meditate ten minutes every day rather than an hour on weekends. This is true for almost all things that is dependent on attention (the brain).

Numerous studies have shown that mindfulness meditation reduces anxiety in general. But efficiency can also include a one-time anxiety bout. There are programs in these approaches called  minipratiques. When one is too worried, that the sea is too rough, you can make a mini practice for a few minutes to stop the flow. Say stop, and rather than instinctively react out to stress, make a positive inner statement. in other words, make a choice to stop stress with MM. it works.

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Vitamins and Minerals to Boost Female Sex Drive

Sexuality changes as women get older, but no need to let libido fade with it. Chronic health problems, prescription drugs and changes in hormones affect sexuality. Diet, stress, lack of sleep, depression and menopause can lower sex drive.

Whether or not the low libido is caused by medical problems, you may be able to increase the sexual desire with vitamins and food supplements. This is a proven method that works and women over 50 use every day. For men, there are equally proven and natural ways to treat erectile dysfunction.

Let’s start from vitamin A to vitamin E.

Vitamin A

Women need vitamin A for reproduction and to keep healthy ovaries. If you do not get enough vitamin A, the production of sex hormones declines drastically. Eat vitamin A-rich foods such as fish, eggs, cheese, yogurt and green leafy vegetables like lettuces.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B increases blood flow to the genitals. Vitamin B-3, or niacin, increases the blood flow to the extremities. When you don’t get enough vitamin B-3, problems with the digestive and nervous systems cause problems in your sex life. Get niacin from broccoli, yogurt, fish, chicken and lean meat. Vitamin B-1 increases energy and sex drive. Get vitamin B-1 from nuts, brown rice, whole grains, beans, pineapple and asparagus.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C metabolizes in the adrenal glands, that produce sex hormones. It keeps the joints active, and the immune system strong. Vitamin C helps the blood to absorb iron, which helps the tissue form energy and transports oxygen in the blood to the organs, glands and tissues. Vitamin C found in oranges, grapefruit, strawberries, and tomatoes.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D boosts the immune system and regulates your hormones. It strengthens the bones, keeping blood levels of calcium normal, and regulates the thyroid gland, which helps to balance sex hormones. The best source of vitamin D is sunlight (from 8 to 9 am), but you can also get it from the milk, egg yolks, liver, margarine, cod liver oil, mackerel, sardines, salmon, tuna, dark green vegetables, and some breads and cereals.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E increases strength and endurance. It promotes fertility, protects cells and stops hot flashes. By poking a hole in a vitamin E capsule and use the content, you can rehydrate vaginal tissue and increase your sexual feelings. Foods with vitamin E include seeds, nuts, oils, spinach, whole grains, asparagus, carrots, apples, beef, seafood, celery and avocado.

Minerals and herbs

zinc, folic acid, amino acids, basil, potassium and garlic can all increase female sex drive by increasing the blood flow and energy levels, produce hormones and increase arousal and stamina. Eat oysters, maca, bananas, basil, garlic, figs, almonds and celery.

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Konjac Helps Slimming but is also a Beauty Product

Konjac Sponge

Konjac is used to neutralize a big appetite and can thus be used in a way to help you lose weight. It is a tuber from Japan, scientific name: amorphophallus konjac which is particularly rich in fiber and has a very pronounced power of water absorption. Commonly found konjac is in the form of pasta (the tuber is transformed into a fine flour) which do not provide calories or in capsules.

Once in the stomach, konjac swells with water, takes more place in the stomach and thus neutralizes hunger.

It is pretty useful but should still not be abused. A good grated carrot salad has the same effect and brings very useful additives for your skin carotenes.

Konjac fiber is also used to make a particularly soft sponge that is designed in Asia for washing babies. Then it has been adopted by the Japanese as a beauty commodity and a wide range of konjac sponges was developed, enriched in various kinds of clays according to skin types.

Konjac sponge has a very gentle exfoliating action. It is suitable for all skin types, even for those that are fragile or victim of acne, eczema or psoriasis.

It is completely biodegradable, which makes it very environment friendly.

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Ways to Remove Dark Circles using only Natural Solutions

Here are some tips for taking care of the contour of your eyes and make your dark circles disappear. Dark circles usually occurs because of prolonged lack of sleep, which reflects a state of tiredness. But thanks to these economical solutions, you will quickly fix them and find the eyes of your youth.

Apply cold on the eye contour area

In contact with the cold, the blood circulation is stimulated and lymphatic tissues are regenerated. Several solutions are available to you. It is possible for example to apply compresses soaked in cold water every evening on your eyelids for a few minutes. However, if direct contact with the water bothers you, you can opt for small ice cubes wrapped in a towel in order to not attack the skin. This is particularly popular in spas. Finally a faster way is to apply a metal spoon previously cooled in the refrigerator. Place the back of the spoon on your eyes and the result will be the same as with the cubes or compresses.

Moisturize with cucumber

This food is made up of 95% water and is an incredible source of hydration for your eyes. It also brings a natural supply of copper on the eye contour area (copper is naturally present in cucumbers), which stimulates the production of collagen. These proteins help particularly sensitive skin at the level of the ring to stay healthy. After a few days of use of this remedy, your ring will have found tone and vitality.

Beat swollen eyes with chamomile


Feverfew (chamomile) was used by our grandmothers to remove dark circles and bags under the eyes. This is an old technique. The infusion of Chamomile has properties reputed for eye beauty. The procedure is simple. First of all, brew one coffee-spoon of feverfew in boiling water for 3 to 4 minutes. Then, soak two cotton make-up in the infusion and let them cool for a few minutes in the refrigerator.Finally, place the cottons for 10 minutes on each of your eyes and you should be done

Fade dark circles using lemon

Dark circles are not only dark, it is possible that they are also colored. Lemon juice will be your ally against this problem. Here is how to proceed. Soak two cotton makeup with a few drops of lemon juice and place them under the eyes for 10 minutes. If you repeat this process every night, you get real results very quickly. An additional trick is to add a few drops of olive oil to the lemon juice for hydration and discoloration.

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How Sleeping Disorders Affect your Health

Anyone can be affected by a sleep problem at some point in life. This problem is called insomnia. The causes often differ from one another but what is certain is that the consequences are always negative health.

What are the known sleep problems?

Studies show that the problem of sleep deprivation affects more people today than it did in the past. It can happen acutely during a stressful moment and be short-lived or instead settle in and become a chronic problem.

Occasional insomnia presents no danger to your health. It occurs during intense events in life such as marriage, the death of a loved one or a first day of work. In this case, fatigue is just due to a lack of rest.

The second type of problem can last a few days before it settles on several months. When insomnia settles for 3 days in a row, you should consult a physician to closely know the origin of this disorder. A serious psychiatric illness may be the cause.

What are the causes of sleep problems?

The causes of a sleep disorder are multiple and vary from one individual to another. A person less resistant to stress can experience a sleeping disorder while another person with a more stable psychological state will not be affected.

Living in an environment that does not promote sleep can cause insomnia. A man who always returns late at night, or a woman who always goes on a trip or an alcoholic person can more easily suffer from sleep disorder.

Also be aware that age is an encouraging factor for insomnia. The more you age, the less you sleep.

The consequences are many and can worsen over time.

A lack of concentration, memory loss, nervousness or fatigue may be the first signs of a sleep disorder that will eventually lead to a general health problem. With time, they become complicated neurological, respiratory and cardiac problems. Obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes can also produce chronic sleep disorder.

It is advisable to seek medical help and/or try natural sources to induce sleep. We will talk more about this later. Now don’t go burn the midnight oil 😉

The video below is particularly helpful in understanding the various stages of sleep.

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What is Hair Loss and How to Prevent It?

Shocked woman making a face because losing hair on hairbrush isolated on white background

To prevent hair loss, we must follow simple and good life habits. As you already know, it is quite normal to lose hair when you wash them; what is not normal, is constantly losing it. If whenever you rotate your hair brush and it retrieves a handful of hair, or if there are lots of hair on the pillow every morning, there is most likely a hair loss problem.


It can happen for various reasons, after giving birth, after a major surgery, following a weight loss, a prolonged period of stress or the use of certain drugs. Hair loss can occur between 6 weeks and 3 months after having lived the events mentioned.

Diseases and hereditary causes

In many cases, hair loss is due to the fact that the mother or father carries a gene that does not produce lots of hair. The majority of people who have this problem are starting to notice it before the age of 20. In this case, it is ideal to call a professional to start a good treatment as soon as possible to counter any more hair loss.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome begins with a hormonal disorder that causes no apparent symptoms and can start as early as 11 years where the ovaries produce far too many male hormones. Subsequently, its most common symptom is abundant hair loss, but this syndrome can also produce an increase in hair growth on other parts of the body. As you can see, hair loss can have many numerous explanations. But the cause is not enough, you should get help as quickly as possible. In addition to knowing the causes and seeking help at most, you should follow these recommendations to achieve immediate and long term results.


The vast majority of patients with hypothyroidism are women – those are the ones who suffer most frequently from hair loss especially that the thyroid gland is an organ which regulates and promotes hair growth. To ensure whether it is the case, the doctor should perform some analysis, and depending on the results, he will tell you the most appropriate treatment to stop the hair loss.


Worldwide, there are about a million and a half people who suffer from this disease, and the majority are again women. It is an auto-immune disease that attacks healthy tissues. One of the symptoms is precisely abundant hair loss and itching at the level of the scalp, in addition to fever, pain and swelling at the level of the extremities, anemia and a pain in the chest.

How can you prevent hair loss?

It is very important to keep your hair well hydrated, because a large part of our body consists of water. This is why we must drink enough water every day so to avoid problems of hair loss. It is also a healthy habit. To keep hair healthy, it is important to have a good diet, exercise and sleep at least eight hours per day.

Do a good massage once a week

Some very important practices to stimulate hair growth and prevent them from falling is to keep the scalp healthy are olive oil, jojoba or coconut massage at least once a week, in the evening.

Avoid equipment that mistreat the scalp

When you lose lots of hair or to avoid further hair loss, it is ideal to reduce the use of straightening irons and hair dryers, as these devices dry and mistreat the hair and scalp.

Other important recommendations: do not tie her hair (and even less if they are wet), use good quality products as well as a shampoo and conditioner that contains vitamin A, B, C and E, for stronger and healthier hair!

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How to Choose the Right Texture of Blush for the Right Face

blush application

Blush normally comes in three versions. Liquid blush comes in the form of fluid texture and works easily on the finger. It is Ideal for melting with foundation. Powder the blush and apply it using a large brush to rework the face volumes, dig cheeks, and enhance the cheekbones.

Find the Right Nuance of Blush

The idea is not to look like a total clown, choosing the right blush is important. Pink shades go beautifully with dyed clear or very clear, and are perfect to give the effect of good fresh looks in the face. Darker skin tones will be highlighted by more orange shades or apricot. In any case, brown is not very flattering, especially in autumn and winter, or beiges, which merely standardize, but not color. To better catch light, you can rely on a slightly iridescent texture. There often need two shades to play with the volume of the face and alter the proportions.


Applying Blush on a long face

In order to give some relief to the face and to balance its volume, draw with blush a comma shape in horizontal starting below the bones of the face. To break the length effect, drop some sun soil or blush darker on the tip of the chin, the top of the front and inside of the cheeks from the ears.

Applying Blush on a square face

On a square face, the angles are very marked. We must therefore bring a little sweetness by recreating the roundness. To do this, you need two blushes. Use a large round brush and drop a light blush on the middle of the cheekbone. To blur the angles of the lower face, choose a slightly darker shade and apply it to the jaw level, so as to “shade” protruding bones.

Applying Blush on a round face

Conversely, a round face needs to be thinned in some places. To give it structure, drop your blush diagonally at the level of the cheekbones, starting from the temples and going down the middle of the face. To “dig” a little cheeks, prefer using some sun soil and apply it under the cheekbones to create shadows on the rounder part of the face.

Applying Blush on an oval face

It is the most “perfect” face shape. Its relatively balanced proportions generally do not need special makeup corrections. To bring a good effect, drop your blush in circular motions on the cheekbones in a slightly upward motion, starting from the middle of the cheekbone and stretching the material towards the temples.

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